Sigma Mixer, Double Arm Z blade Sigma Mixer
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Sigma Dough Mixer

Double Arm Sigma Dough Mixer

Sigma Dough Mixer Application & Process :

The Sigma Mixer is used for mixing and kneading for mixing, kneading of highly viscous mass, sticky and dough like products, Mixing of pastes, rubber, and heavy plastic masses, applications in Food, Rubber, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and agro industries, Dry powder to wet phase mixing. This mixer is most suitable for highly viscous material and dough like masses.

The sigma Sigma is a double arm mixer, the two "Z" blade rotate towards each others at same or different speed inside a W- shaped product container. The twin screw basin kneading machine with two horizontally arranged kneading blades, which are deeply geared into one another and strip themselves reciprocally. Each blade moves the material in opposite direction thereby providing excellent cross mixing of all raw materials. The blades pass the trough walls and each other at close clearances resulting in good mixing. The close clearance produces a shearing and tearing action that is beneficial to the size reduction of solids. Selection of appropriate blade shape and speeds result in excellent mixing

Sigma Dough Mixer Adavntacges

  • Two mixing blades placed in a 'w' shaped horizontal trough
  • Commonly used blade types are the sigma blade, masticator blade, spiral blade, shredder and naben blade
  • Rotation of the blades is either tangential to each other or the blades may overlap within the trough.
  • Blades pass the container walls and each other at close clearances generally (1-2 mm)
  • The mixer bowl may be jacketed for circulation of heating or cooling media.
  • Viscosity range upto 10 million cps
  • Viscous mass of material is pulled, sheared, compressed, kneaded and folded by the action of the blades against the walls of the mixer trough.
  • Fill Up is 40 – 65 % of bowl volume
  • Mixing homogeneity upto 99 percent
  • Specific power – 45 to 75 kW/ m3
  • Discharge of the material from the mixer By tilting of the mixer container
  • Bottom discharge valve Through an extruder, screw